How to get free food

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We all love food and we all love freebies. Put those together and what do you get?


Whether you’re wanting to get free snacks, groceries or meals out, I have the answers. These are all tried and tested ways on how to get free food and drinks no matter the occasion or reason.

How to get free food

Here’s a list of easy ways how to get free food and drinks, the ‘On-the-go’ section tells you how get free food with no purchase necessary:

How to get free food and drinks (or very cheaply):


Olio is a free website and app which aims to reduce food waste and increase food sharing. If you have food that would otherwise go in the bin, advertise it on Olio and someone local to you can pick it up. Likewise, you can request certain items you’re after and it will show up in the ‘wanted’ section. You can upload pretty much anything on Olio, such as:

  • tins or packet food
  • fresh perishable items (fruit, veg, meat)
  • leftovers from a home-cooked meal
  • out of date items (if it’s past the ‘use by’ date but still fit for consumption)

Too Good To Go:

Too Good To Go is a similar app and concept to Olio, however it’s not necessarily free food but it’s definitely a lot cheaper than full price. You’ll find businesses such as Pret a Manger and Yo Sushi selling food for a cheaper price to save it going to waste that day.


  • Krispy Kreme doghnut – sign up to the Friends of Krispy Kreme email list and get an Original Glazed Doughnut for FREE. You can also claim this at Tesco stores with a Krispy Kreme cabinet. Sign up here.
  • KFC side order or Hot Wings – download the KFC Colonel’s Club app and sign up to get 3 free stamps which can be redeemed for a FREE side order or 2 Hot Wings. Find out more here.
  • 02 Priority Moments – If you’re an 02 member, download the app and each week you’ll receive offers and freebies such as a Caffè Nero hot drink, Thorntons chocolates and discounted concert tickets. If you’re not a member, you can request a free sim card here and still get the freebies!
  • Wuntu – If you’re an Three mobile member, download the app and each week you’ll receive offers and freebies ranging from a free Costa hot drink, free 7″ Dominos pizza to online discounts. If you’re not a member, you can request a free sim card here and still get the freebies!


Buying groceries can be very expensive, so why not help yourself by getting some items for free?

  • Shopmium – download the app and you’ll receive a percentage of cashback for groceries and household items, a lot of the time you get 100% cashback, making it free! Read my blog post on how to get Nutella for free when you sign up.
  • CheckoutSmart – the same principle as Shopmium, you download the app and receive cashback for your groceries, however this minimum payout amount is £5 and payments under £20 will incur a small fee.
  • Greenjinn – exactly the same as above but this is limited to Tesco, Sainbury’s and Waitrose. The minimum payout is £1.50 – download the app here.

Make sure to keep hold of all your receipts because you can make money on those too! I have a blog post explaining exactly how.  The money you receive from your receipts could go towards another lot of shopping, meaning you’re paying with free money.

If you have leftover groceries that you don’t want to waste, I have the perfect blog post for you to read which mentions how you to have a ‘leftover picnic’.

For some more tips on how to save money on groceries, check out this blog post.

Meals out:

  • Loyalty cards – pick up a loyalty card for the restaurants you visit most often and the points will add up and the rewards will roll in! I love the Nandos Card reward scheme.
  • Receipts – check for freebies and discounts at the bottom of your receipt from restaurants. Often, they give you a free side, starter or discount off of your next meal just for leaving them an online review.
  • Happy hour – make use of 2 for 1 offers on drinks or cocktails at your favourite bars and restaurants. It’s a no brainer really, you could arrive just 30 minutes earlier to get double the drinks for the same price!
  • VoucherCodes – download the app or sign up online to benefit from hundreds of discounts at shops and food places, including 2 for 1 meals, 10-50% off your bill and more, they even have a page specifically for student discounts! 

how to get free food

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  1. These are some great tips! I never would have thought there were so many options to get a free meal! Granted I’m not in the UK, but this really opened my eyes to the possibilities!

    1. I’m sure wherever you are, there’s tonnes of ways to get free food! Another great tip is to ask friends/family when you visit or when they come to visit you if they have anything in the fridge, freezer or cupboards that they won’t be using and that you can have 😀

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