How to get free stuff without surveys (UK)

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Here’s six epic ways to consistently get free stuff without surveys (UK) and a list of the freebies you could get in just ONE YEAR. 

If you’ve follow Student Skint on Instagram for a time(@studentskint), you’ll have seen on  Stories a regular haul of freebies, sometimes every day but at least every week. There’s even a ‘freebies’ highlight, they are that easy to get!

How to get free stuff without surveys (UK)

Besides surveys, especially this survey site, sometimes you want to get freebies straight away without having to answer loads of questions or complete tasks for money. Here’s just the interesting stuff on a long list of free finds in one year without taking surveys first:

  • Domino’s 7″ personal pizza (x6)
  • Costa, Caffè Nero or Patisserie Valerie hot drink (x7)
  • Beer, wine, lager (over 12 litres in total)
  • Soft drinks (over 6 litres in total)
  • Supermarket groceries/household items (over £100 worth)
  • Confectionary (Thorntons chocolates, sweets, chocolate bars)
  • Subscription boxes (Graze, Chewy Moon, Tribe, Organix)
  • Cinema screenings for 2 people (x5)
  • So much more!

As you can see from the list above, it’s very possible to get free stuff without surveys in the UK. 

How to get free stuff without surveys (UK)

1. Shopping cashback apps 

Featured in the how to get free food blog post you can use apps such as:

  • Shopmium (click here to get free Nutella when you sign up or whichever freebie is running)
  • Greenjinn
  • CheckoutSmart

2. Latest Deals

Latest Deals is a website that shares the latest daily deals. They’ve asked me to share the freebies page with you so you can visit the page to see what’s being given away for free.

The thing that sets Latest Deals freebies apart from other deals and freebies websites is that they are ‘genuine freebies shared by real people’. It’s a community of people sharing freebies and great deals with one another. You can create an account and share the freebies you come across.

Latest Deals homepage banner

People collate all the freebies from several websites and apps, so it’s all in one place. It would take you all day to check every app and website that are offering freebies, so that’s why I let Latest Deals do the work for me!


Also featured in the how to get free food blog post. The previous owner of Student Skint got over 10 litres of alcohol for completely free!! Find out more here.

Your success on OLIO is dependent on how many use it where you live too, but check the app regularly and some real gems will pop up.

4. Send Me A Sample UK

SMAS sends you samples in the post via voice assistant – sign up here. You must have a voice assistant device (Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant) and say ‘Ask Send Me A Sample for a …’

Check out SMAS’s Instagram to find out when the next freebie is available and how to ask for it. How about 4 mini cans of Coca-Cola to go in a roast dinner for under £5?

Not working? SMAS have been a bit quiet recently, so don’t forget there are always other ways to try things for free…

Amazon have their own free trials of Audible if you want to listen to or think about gifting an audiobook, or audio subscription.

5. VoucherCodes

 VoucherCodes appears many times on this blog, because there’s hundreds, if not thousands of discount codes and deals on this wonderful app.

It’s included in this freebies list because you’ll often find buy one get one free meals on there.

Keep an eye out on VoucherCodes because sometimes you get amazing cashback deals too, such as spending £50 on Amazon and getting a £5 Amazon gift card. Worth combining with an essential spend to get that little bit back on money you were going to drop anyway.

6. Just ask

You’d be surprised how many shops give out free tasters or product samples. Just ask (politely of course) if you can have a sample to taste or take home. A lot of us British people can be quite tight lipped and don’t like to ask for freebies. But if you can get free stuff quickly without doing surveys, then why not?

High end beauty stores, concessions in department stores, Lush and some confectionery stores are known for giving out free samples, you can take home or try so many different things:

  • Makeup
  • Skincare products
  • Hair products
  • Ice cream
  • Fudge

Do you use any of these methods to pick up freebies? Or is there anything above that you’ll be implementing this year? Say so below!

Bonus step 7

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