Buy & sell at your university with Paperclip marketplaces

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This blog post is kindly sponsored by Paperclip, a website and app that allows you to buy and sell things locally. I tried out their university marketplace and share my thoughts with you…

Buy & sell at your university with Paperclip marketplaces

Paperclip asked me to share my thoughts on their university marketplaces (I tested Brunel Union marketplace) which allows students to buy and sell to their fellow students – perfect for this time of year whilst lots of students are moving into halls or changing accommodation and may have things they want to get rid of or need to buy for their new place.

Marketplace categories
The marketplace website is clean and colourful with item categories so you can search what you’re looking for much more easily – there’s even a Free Items section which is definitely worth checking out because we all love a freebie, right? On the Brunel Union marketplace someone is currently offering a mini speaker for free!
Marketplace Free Items
It’s really useful that the marketplace also has a Discounts & Deals section with featured freebies and offers such as 30% off Pizza Express and free Amazon Prime for six months. Although, I could only see four deals on there so you’d have to visit other student deal websites if you’re looking for a specific discount or a wider variety.

Marketplace Discounts and Deals

3 reasons why you should try your university’s marketplace:

  1. It’s convenient – you’re not expected to post or deliver items. Assuming you and the buyer/seller live close to your university, you can walk to collect the item. Alternatively, you could meet up in a communal space on campus and meet between lectures.
  2. It’s sociable – the great thing about meeting in person is the social aspect! This would be especially useful during Freshers Week when everyone is keen to meet people, why not make a new friend out of it?
  3. Money – I wouldn’t be sharing something with you if it didn’t help you to make money or save money. Selling your unwanted things is a great way to make some cash and buying second hand is usually a lot cheaper than buying new, and it’s better for the planet.

Overall, I really like the marketplace concept and encourage you to try it out. A list of current university marketplaces can be found here so check if your university has one, or request one if you think you and your university would benefit from it. As I’m not actually a university student, I asked my friend who attends a university in Bristol to share her thoughts on the Brunel Union marketplace; she said:

“ I think the website has a really simple feel to it which is hassle-free and I think it will help a lot of people find student-related things to buy easily instead of having to continuously think of keywords to search. It would be incredibly useful to have this in Bristol and at my university in particular because there is a large number of international students who come here with just clothes, so the free items section would really help them to save money and make their transition easier.”

Paperclip are hoping to implement the university marketplaces at all major universities in the UK, so please show interest and support by downloading the general Paperclip app or using the marketplace if your university has one.

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