Streetspotr: the app that pays you

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I’m sharing my experience of using the Streetspotr app and how I made £5 per task without having to go out of my way!

“Streetspotr is a retail intelligence company that delivers real-time understanding of products and promotions in-store. Streetspotr enables brands and retailers to improve their shoppers’ experience, boosting in-store sales and profitability.”

This blog post is very kindly sponsored by Streetspotr. However, I had already used the app before this opportunity came about so this is based on my experience without any intention or incentive of a sponsorship.

Streetspotr the app that pays you

How does the Streetspotr app work?

For consumer users, the Streetspotr app allows you to complete short tasks and earn real money via PayPal. Companies want to gain consumer data so they use Streetspotr to create location-based tasks (within 400m) called Spots which people like you and me complete by taking a few photos and/or answering some questions. The reward money earned per Spot will vary on different factors such as how long it’ll take to complete or how rare it is.

Each Spot is clearly explained by a set of instructions – telling you exactly what you should be looking at, taking a photo of, commenting on, or whatever it is.

Streetspotr app instructions

The two Spots I completed were for non-alcoholic beverages. Streetspotr were offering £5 per completed Spot just to go to a cafe, bar or restaurant (except Burger King – which was outlined in the rules), take a photo of the outside, a photo of the non-alcoholic drinks menu and note down some of the prices.

The first Spot I chose was Subway as I came across this app when I was on my way to buy some lunch. There was a queue inside so I was conveniently standing next to the menu on the wall!

The next day, I decided to check the Streetspotr app to see if the same task was still available because it seemed like a really easy way to make a fiver. I was so glad to see that the same Spot was still available and as I was already at a pub/restaurant for a work event you can guess exactly what I did…

Streetspotr app payment proof


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How long does it take to receive payment?

Payments are made within 30 business days from when you submitted the Spot for review. I submitted mine on the 9th and 10th of October which were reviewed within a couple of days and I requested payment, then received the money in my PayPal account on 10th November. They’ll notify you on the Streetspotr app when payment has been issued.

It’s a good habit to make a note of expected payment dates, especially if you’re using several money making apps, to ensure you do get paid on time and are reminded to contact the company if you don’t receive payment within the outlined time period.


I think Streetspotr is a great money-making app which is clear and easy to use. There’s no complications over what you have to do in order to complete Spots as the instructions are clearly set out for you before and during the task.

The Spots are fairly straightforward, most are quick to complete and a lot of them pay very well. However, it’s not a quick way to make money as it takes up to 30 business days to receive payment. I have no complaints though, I made an easy £10 by making a few clicks at the places I was already visiting and didn’t have to go out of my way to complete them!

If you’re thinking about giving Streetspotr a go, download it here.


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