Inexpensive personalised cakes to order online

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Whether it’s a birthday, housewarming, farewell (or any other occasion) cake, why not go that extra mile and get it personalised?

I’ve teamed up with bakerdays to give you a unique discount code to make their personalised cakes even more affordable, prices start at just £11.25.

Personalised cakes

As exam season has just passed, students have received their results and many are off to university at the end of this month. What better way to congratulate them or wish them luck than by sending a surprise personalised cake to their new student home?

Inexpensive personalised cakes to order online

Cakes are great but there’s something that little extra bit special about them being personalised. bakerdays allows you to choose text on a round cake, add an image on a round cake or have personalised cupcakes with photos. They even sell personalised balloons too!

bakerdays has a product called the Letterbox Cake. As the name suggests, it’s a small cake that fits in a standard sized letterbox and they’ve gone to great efforts to package it up so it survives the drop from the middle of the door to the floor.

The lovely team sent me their ‘you’re going to uni!’ Letter Box cake in traditional sponge flavour to try and to spread the “well done” message to my readers. It was absolutely delicious! Light and fluffy inside with sweet icing on the outside. The cake came beautifully packaged in a tin and with a little card that said ‘Just for You’ and ‘Enjoy’.

It lasts up to 7 days as long as the cake is stored in a cool, dry place and not in the fridge – this make cakes dry out and go stale much sooner.

All recipes are vegetarian and they make dairy free cakes too! They sell a variety of sizes and types of cakes which come in so many different flavours:

  • Traditional sponge
  • Gluten wheat free sponge
  • Lovely lemon drizzle
  • Half chocolate half sponge
  • Dairy free sponge
  • Rich chocolate chip
  • Luxurious red velvet (seasonal)
  • Marble cake

Click here for a full list of cake sizes, flavours and ingredients.

Discount code

The bit you’ve all been waiting for…

Although bakerdays already offer inexpensive personalised cakes to order online, they’ve sponsored this post and given me a unique discount code just for you:

Enter code ‘UNI25’ at the checkout to receive 25% off any order.

This code expires in two weeks on 14th September so be quick!

Inexpensive personalised cakes to order online

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