Financial New Year’s Resolutions 2022

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A list of financial New Year’s resolutions that you can choose or adapt to suit your financial situation and lifestyle whether you need to make money, save money or improve your budgets in 2022!


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Make money

    1. Download money making apps and use them in your spare time when watching TV, on public transport, waiting around etc.
    2. Get a(nother) job 
    3. Pick up extra shifts at work or find a new money-making hobby that you can do in your spare time such as freelance writing, commission drawing, babysitting or dog walking.
    4. Declutter your home and sell your unwanted things – find out how by clicking here.
    5. If you’re an arts and crafts type of person, why not start a small business selling on Etsy? Read this guest blog post by Laura for more info!

Save money

    1. Plan ‘no spend days’ in your diary – days where you intentionally spend no money at all.
    2. Collect as many freebies as possible – I have a full blog post on how to do this without having to complete time-consuming surveys, so you have no excuse!
    3. Have more ‘cupboard clearouts’ and ‘leftover picnics’ –  use the food you already have in the cupboards, fridge and freezer to make meals and meal plan.
    4. Download money saving apps and actually use them! How about food cashback?
    5. Buy nothing at full price (unless completely necessary)
    6. Implement a more minimalist mindset and don’t buy new things if you don’t need them. Look in a charity shop first or buy second hand online.
    7. Eat at home more instead of going to restaurants
    8. Buy more #yellowsticker items (reduced groceries) to save on food shopping. I made a Christmas/roast dinner for 5 people for under £5 including drinks!
    9. Do free things with your friends instead of spending money on socialising. Here’s 7 examples mainly for summer but they can be adapted in the colder months too!
    10. Check out 25 ways that students can save money quickly for even more.


  1. Create a monthly budget (you can see a great example of how to do this on Day 3 of my free email course)
  2. Meal plan and create a weekly/bi-weekly/monthly food budgets – download my free meal planner and shopping list here!
  3. Stop using the word budget?? Voices out there suggest it encourages us to think of money as linked to deprivation. How do you like to talk about your spending priorities?

What are your financial New Year’s resolutions? Leave a comment below and let me know!

Fun fact: this post originated in 2019… You know what that means? You don’t need fads and trends to make and save money. You just need tested, timeless tips that will serve you in the long run. Good luck x


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  1. Cooking at home and eating in more would be a game changer for my family. I have two boys that play multiple sports so it is really hard sometimes.

    1. Hey Amanda! Thanks for commenting. I suggest that you get into meal planning and meal prepping. E.g, if you’re chopping up vegetables for one meal, just carry on chopping them all whilst you’re at it and it will save you time the next day, same goes for cooking vegetables or meat – batch prep and cook when you can 🙂

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