25 Ways to Save Money Quickly

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If you need to save money quickly, then this blog post should really help you out! You can save money by the end of the day just by making a few simple changes…

This post has changed a bit since it was birthed by the site’s original owner, so I did a video on the sister channel Save Like A Bear to analyse what stuck and why!



By implementing some (or all) of these things, not only will you save money quickly but it will hopefully change your money mindset and will help you to continue saving money.

Save money quickly

25 ways to save money quickly

1. Meal plan to save money on shopping and only buy what you’ve planned to get.

2. Unsubscribe from promotional emails to avoid temptation of impulse buying.

3. Use multi-purpose products so you only have to by one thing for multiple uses.

4. Buy own brand groceries – you don’t have to buy own brand everything, but there are lots of own brand items that contain the same ingredients as the named brands. Take branded tinned vegetables for example vs own brand, they usually both contain the same ingredients, just different prices.

5. Treat yourself less regularly – reward yourself as something to look forward to instead of finding excuses to overspend and celebrate all the small successes.

6. Put a limit on the amount of money you spend on presents for other people. This one can be tricky because of course you want to lavish your loved ones with gifts, but if that’s causing a problem in your bank balance then you need to put a cap on it.


7. Get free and discounted food! I have a blog post dedicated to this.

8. Entertain your family and friends at home instead of going out . Try cooking, baking, having a movie night or playing board games together.

9. Buy second hand furniture and clothes.

10. Fix broken things instead of buying replacements – missing buttons, broken zips and holey clothes can all be fixed by a simple needle and thread or sewing machine.

11.Budget for everything. Join my free 3 day email course and you’ll see a clear example of how to create a monthly budget.


12. Do free activities such as hiking or stargazing. Check out this blog post on free things to do with friends in summer.

13. Don’t be afraid to only pay for your meal and not split the bill. It might seem awkward to ask for a separate bill when you’re in a big group but the status chasers who claim it’s tight not to split it equally regardless of what you have are really saying that they think you should subsidise them…

14. Reduce alcohol intake – it’s not only better for your health, it’s better for your wallet too! A night at the pub doesn’t mean you have to drink 6 beers…they serve non-alcoholic and soft drinks too y’know.

15. Reduce your meat intake.

16. DIY pamper – do your own nails, hair, face masks and save trips to the salon for special occasions.

17. Stop offering to pay for others. Obviously it’s nice to help a friend out if they’re strapped for cash or forget their wallet but it’s not your responsibility to financially support them. The more you offer, the more they might expect it.

18. Use discounts and money saving apps.

19. Use up toiletries and food before buying more – have a look through your bathroom and kitchen cabinets and see what you can make use of before another trip to the drugstore or supermarket.

20. Take public transport instead of driving, paying for fuel and car parking. A bus or train is often cheaper overall.

21. Split the cost of friends’ and family’s presents with your sibling(s), friend(s) or partner. Doing a secret Santa is a great way to keep costs down between friends and family at Christmastime.

22. Homemade versions or your favourite restaurant meal – it might not taste exactly the same but the saved money will be worth that sacrifice, or you can even buy things like the Nandos marinade and dipping sauce and recreate your usual order.

23. Make do with what you have, don’t buy the latest fashion or tech if you don’t need it. You can also find out how to save money on your mobile phone by reading this blog post.

24. Actively plan some no spend days – days you intentionally plan to spend no money.

25. Tell your friends that you’re saving money so they don’t suggest or tempt you to go to expensive places. There’s nothing better than having supportive and understanding people around you on your money-saving journey.

Have you taken on any of these tips? Let me know below ↓


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