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This is a short list of Black Friday deals/discounts suitable for the average spender. This is a huge assumption, but generally speaking, big discounts on white appliances, fancy electronics and financed cars won’t be of any interest to the standard student because they cost hundreds or thousands even with a discount.

It’s not guaranteed that you can use a student discount code on top of Black Friday deals, but it’s always worth a try, and the deals below are a good start. These stacked discounts were correct as of 22/11/21 but are subject to change. Either keep checking the website in case a better deal pops up, or if you’re really unsure about your bargain, remember you can always walk away entirely… and pop the money in savings instead. Let the money grow, and perhaps you’ll find your decision easier when you’ve got more in your pocket anyway.

One big thing I’ve noticed this year, is that Black Friday a)started in early November at some retailers, and b)that this is the norm these days… If in doubt, there is always a sale on, so don’t feel pressure to buy anything in these promotions just because it’s Black Friday. There will likely just be another promotion on the day after the current one ends, and so it’s always worth waiting if you really can’t afford everything on your list yet because it’s rare these days that you won’t get another opportunity to get a discount.

Prefer to watch? I’ve included a few videos below from sister blog Save Like A Bear if you want some tips on how to get a good deal all year round, or how to spend next to nothing in November.



What’s Black Friday?

Black Friday is the day after US Thanksgiving that’s thought of as the first day for Christmas shopping. The actual date of Thanksgiving changes each year (it’s the fourth Thursday of November), so the date of Black Friday will always be the fourth Friday of November.

Knowing this might give you the opportunity to save up for an investment far in advance, or buy Christmas presents early. You have to start your research well in advance though to know if you’re getting a good deal compared to other promotions running throughout the year.

Remember: You only save money buying something in a sale if you were going to buy it anyway. If not, you’ve just spent money on something you didn’t want or need before.


5 things to consider on Black Friday:

  1. Do price comparisons with several brands before making a purchase to ensure you’re getting the best deal.
  2. Try to buy the best deals first because they’re most likely to go out of stock both in-store and online…but if it wasn’t on your list to begin with, then remember you might have no frame of reference for whether it is a good deal. If you’re already living without it, can you live longer without it? You’re not buying fresh air, after all!
  3. Be organised. Create a list of essentials you want to buy to avoid spending unnecessarily.
  4. Black Friday deals aren’t always the best discounts. If there’s something you’d like to buy but you’re not desperate for then maybe wait until Cyber Monday or a later sale.
  5. I repeat – You only save money buying something in a sale if you were going to buy it anyway, and then put the equivalent of your discount in a savings account. If you want to learn how to manage your money better, join my FREE email course here.

Here’s a taster of this year’s Black Friday deals:

General retail

  • Amazon – Get thousands of deals on just about anything in their Black Friday Sale. As per 2019 and 2020, this is the cheapest way to get an Echo Dot currently
  • eBay – Various discounts from retailers on tech, fashion, home & garden

Fashion, athleisure, shoes & accessories

  • Adidas – 50% off
  • Asos – Up to 60% off 10000+ styles, or 20% off coats & jackets with code OUTERWEAR
  • New Look – Black Friday is 25% off for 10 days, student discount is 20% via Unidays
  • Office Shoes – 40% off boots not stackable with student discount yet, but may change on Black Friday
  • Gymshark – up to 70% off + 10% student discount through Student Beans
  • Timberland – student discount is usually only 10% via Totum, Black Friday is up to 40% off
  • Warehouse – 15% Student Beans discount can’t be combined with up to 70% off Black Friday BUT you should be able to combine with extra 10% off for buying through their app

Health, Beauty & Personal Care

  • Benefit – I believe they got rid of their student discount, but BF is 20% off or 30% off £100+
  • My Protein – 50% off everything with code BLACK
  • Superdrug – up to 55% off; combine with their loyalty card
  • The Body Shop – up to 50% off vs 20% student discount via Unidays

Experiences, Gifts & Tech 

  • Apple – various gift cards available depending on purchase; CANNOT be used with student financing options or Apple for Education pricing, so see which pathway has the biggest saving for you
  • Buyagift – Up to 50% off
  • Menkind – Lots of Black Friday deals and discounts already applied. No code needed

There are loads more ways to save money as a student on my blog, I even have a list of 25 ways to save money quickly.

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