DIY Love Island water bottle

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Are you addicted to Love Island? do you want a personalised DIY Love Island water bottle but can’t justify spending £15 (+ £4.95 shipping)?

I’ve got you covered!

ITV’s Love Island has become a well-known household show. I’ll admit, I haven’t been watching it this year but the personalised water bottles caught my eye in previous years and they’ve become a sort-of trademark of the show. With that, comes high demand and we all know what that means…high prices!

DIY Love Island water bottle

You can get yourself a ‘genuine’ Love Island water bottle if you want to pay £19.95 in total. If not, then read these 2 easy steps and you’ll have a DIY Love Island water bottle from just 99p.

How to make a DIY Love Island water bottle:

1. Clear water bottle

Firstly, you’ll need a clear water bottle for this project. I’m guessing most people will have at least one clear drinks bottle lying around in their cupboards so you can use one you already have, or if you want your bottle to be a similar style to the Love Island ones, you can purchase this clear water bottle from Amazon for just £8.99. It’s BPA-free and made of 100% non-toxic food grade material. Other water bottles may be cheaper but they might not be made of safe materials.

2. Sticker decal

Once you’ve chosen a water bottle, you’ll need a personalised name sticker decal. This is what will really make your bottle resemble one of Love Island’s. It’s the unique font and bold pink colour that makes them stand out. You can buy a name sticker decal here from eBay for just 99p! – choose from 10 different colours!

Yes, it’s really that easy and cheap to make a DIY Love Island water bottle just the cast’s. If you create one, make sure to upload a photo or selfie of you and your DIY project to social media and tag @studentskint and use the hashtag #studentskint.

DIY Love Island water bottle

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