Student-friendly stocking fillers under £5

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Christmas is less than a month away! Be prepared with this guide of student-friendly (and student budget friendly) stocking fillers under £5. I’ve included current discount codes and let you know if you can use your student discount on these items to help you get them for even cheaper, anything to help you save money.

I have gathered together a total of 15 student-friendly stocking filler ideas under £5. There is bound to be something for every recipient whether you’re buying for a student or you’re a student buying for somebody else. These ideas would be great for Secret Santa gifts too!

Student-friendly stocking fillers under £5

15 student-friendly stocking fillers under £5


Pocket Kim Wisdom – from Skinny Dip. This costs £5.99 but with a current offer of 20% student discount, it’ll only cost you £4.79. We all know somebody totally obsessed with the Kardashians. Okuuuur.

Pocket Kim Wisdom - SkinnyDip


Gourmet Beer popping candy – from Menkind. This is £3.99 and by using discount code XMAS10 or SANTABABY at checkout, you’ll get 10% off, making this gift only £3.59!

Gourmet Beer Flavour Popping Candy - Menkind


Personalised No1 Golfer Golf Ball – from Menkind. To find a personalised stocking filler under £5 is a bargain as this originally costs £4.99. But with discount code XMAS10 or SANTABABY, you’ll receive 10% off, so it’s only £4.49. (Allow 7-10 days for shipping because it’s a personalised item)

Personalised NO1 Golfer Golf Ball - Menkind


Spin a shot –  from Menkind too. Just £4.99  but again, with code XMAS10 or SANTABABY, you can save 10% so it’ll cost you £4.49 instead. I’ve seen these in Poundland so check your nearest store first to possibly find it cheaper!

Spin a Shot - Menkind


Christmas cat in santa outfit socks – from ASOS. These are so cute and purrrfect for any cat lover. These socks cost £3.50 but with a 10% student discount they’ll be £3.15.

Christmas cat in Santa outfit socks - ASOS


Rib headband made from recycled polyester – also from ASOS. Be caring this winter and make sure your friends stay warm and stylish at the same time. This headband is £5 but (you guessed it) with 10% off student discount, it’s £4.50. It also comes in black or lilac.

Rib Headband - ASOS


Phone camera lenses – from Amazon. This is one of my all-time favourite stocking fillers under £5, I’ve given it as a gift quite a few times. These phone camera lenses fit onto pretty much any phone and will make your pictures even more Insta-worthy! It’s only £4.99 and free UK delivery with the code FREEDELIVERY – this offer ends tonight so be quick!

Phone Camera Lenses - Amazon


Unicorn shower cap – from Amazon. This novelty unicorn shower hat is £5 and free UK delivery with the code FREEDELIVERY – this offer ends tonight so be quick! Technically this doesn’t quite fit in the ‘stocking fillers under £5’ category because it is £5, but you can let me off for just this one surely?

Unicorn Shower Cap - Amazon


Sass & Belle mini eyes shut planter – from ASOS. There’s bound to be somebody obsessed with plants that you need to buy a gift for. This mini planter is only £5 and with 10% off student discount, that makes it £4.50. Your green-fingered friends will love this!

Sass & Belle Mini Eyes Shut Planter - ASOS


Mug Crumbles – from Amazon. If the front cover of this book doesn’t grab your attention then maybe the price will…£3.99 for over 30 crumble recipes that can be made in a mug and cooked in the microwave. The ideal present for a lazy student who craves sweet things!

Mug Crumbles - Amazon


The Body Shop gift sets – from The Body Shop. These type of gift sets are a Christmas classic. The Body Shop have so many different scents and flavours to choose from. They are originally £6 but at the moment there is a 30% off code (14664) and you can collect these for free in-store so it’s just £4.20.

The Body Shop gift sets


Topman Eau De Toilette or sport version – from Topman. This fragrance is only £5 but you can save 10% with your student discount so it’ll only cost £4.50. You can also order online then collect it for free in-store. They also do Eau De Toilettes for £3 but that’s only 30ml so you may as well spend £1.50 to get 100ml, over three times the amount!

Topman Eau De Toilette


Heinz Baked Beanz SafeCan – from Amazon. Who doesn’t love a gimmicky gift? Unfortunately, this is an add-on item but for only £1.97, it’s worth adding to your cart if you’re already buying some things on Amazon.

Heinz Baked Beanz SafeCan


Party Cups – from TK Maxx. Another gift perfect for a student! This set of cups all have different designs on so you’ll always know which drink belongs to who. Just £4.99.

Party Cups - TK Maxx


Grow a boyfriend or girlfriend – from Amazon. Last but not least. Christmastime can often make the single people feel lonely, so why not buy them a partner? The boyfriend is £2.99 and free UK deliver with code FREEDELIVERY (ends tonight!). The girlfriend is £2.14 and free delivery anyway.

Grow a Boyfriend - Amazon

If you buy any of the gifts shown in this guide of stocking fillers under £5, don’t forget to let me know by sending me a photo on Instagram or tagging it with #studentskint. Happy shopping!

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