Top 5 money saving apps

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You should be regularly saving money for so many different reasons (I’ll go into that later on) so I have a list of 5 apps that are completely FREE to download! They’ll help you to save money or track your savings and keep on top of things.

I’ve chosen some money saving apps that actually work because let’s face it, there’s lots of websites and methods that claim to save you money but they can be long-winded, complicated and inconvenient.

Top 5 money saving apps

I have a similar blog post to this with my top 5 money making apps so have a read of that too and you’ll be making and saving money directly from your phone!

These apps have been tried, tested and used by me and I will only recommend things that I’ve tried or already use myself. 



Why is it important to save money?

I’ll write a more in depth blog post about this soon, but it’s important to save money for:

  • Unexpected expenses (your car breaks down)
  • Luxuries (holidays, designer items, fancy meals out)
  • Large purchases that will save you money upfront (paying for subscriptions, car insurance or anything else up front will usually save you money in the long run)
  • Your future (flat/house deposit)

My top 5 money saving apps that actually work:

1. VoucherCodes

I’ve spoken about VoucherCodes and other discount code apps in my how to save money as a student post. Using a discount code means you make a saving up front right away on something you would usually pay full price on.

They have a specific section for student discounts too so definitely check it out!



2. Costa Coffee

I won’t bore you with how you can save money making your own coffee to have out and about… Sometimes, you just don’t have your coffee cup on you, or you want to go to a coffee shop with a friend or a date, goddamnit!

Costa Coffee have a rewards section in their app with the occasional discount, but most importantly you earn “beans” for each drink that adds up to a free drink. Sometimes they give you double ups so that you need to buy less drinks to get the free one.

Use my code VAWIY to join and see what you get!

The way to save money is obviously not to go out of your way to race to the free drink, but just know that if you are going to buy a coffee on the go, that you are getting a loyalty extra on top that will go towards a free drink soon.


3. Shopmium

Simply download the Shopmium app and you’ll receive a percentage of cashback for groceries and household items, a lot of the time you get 100% cashback, making it free!

If you want to get free Pringles or general free food, then why haven’t you downloaded Shopmium yet?


Have you seen the video on this topic yet from sister channel Save Like A Bear?

4. Lidl Plus

An app by Lidl that releases weekly coupons. The deals cover usually four or five categories from the many Lidl own brands. Some of the regular essentials include:

  • coffee
  • frozen veg
  • chocolate

The discounts are usually around 15-20% off. Activate your coupon in the app, and scan your phone at the checkout. Easy!

5. eBay

I feel as though since Amazon has got more popular, less people buy things on eBay?

I still love eBay and it’s great for saving money on clothes, games, sporting equipment and everything else. One person’s trash is another person’s treasure.


eBay isn’t only second hand items (which is a huge misconception), so many people sell things brand new with tags or in packaging. Loads of brands have their own official eBay shop where they upload items which are out of season or excess stock so you can bag a fab deal that way too. 

Don’t forget, you can also make money from your unwanted things on eBay so check out my blog post on that if you want to make a little extra money.


Have you tried any of the apps I’ve suggested? Leave a comment below and tell me how you got on.

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