Uber discount code

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Gone are the days when you’d stick your arm out to hail a taxi in the middle of the town centre. I have an Uber discount code for you, making your cheaper taxi ride even cheaper!

If you are new to using Uber, then you’re eligible to use my invitation code and get £3 off of your first ride.

Uber discount code

It may only be £3, but why not save money in every way you can? If your Uber ride comes to £10 then that’s 30% off! Sounds worth it now doesn’t it?

What’s Uber?

If you’re not sure what Uber is then where have you been?

It’s a taxi service that’s accessible by downloading the Uber app. It’s different to normal taxis because you can instantly request a driver on the app and it shows you a live map of the drivers nearby. The app also tells you roughly how long your driver will be until they pick you up and the price of your journey.

You’re given the name of the driver and make, model and registration plate for the car they are driving so you can’t get mixed up with whether the car is for you or not. You pay via card or PayPal through the app (some cities allow you to pay in cash) and you can review the driver on the app too.

Using Uber is often a bit cheaper than using a typical taxi service because the drivers work for themselves and just use Uber as the provider. Less overheads for the business means they can charge less per distance than other taxi services.

How to receive your Uber discount code:

  1. Sign up to Uber and make a new account by clicking here.
  2. When prompted during sign-up, ensure you enter my invitation code ‘katies6926ue’ to receive £3 off of your first ride.

If you enjoy using Uber and want to share it with others, why not make money from it and share your unique invitation code with other people? For everyone who signs up and uses your code to get money off their first ride, you’ll receive £3 Uber credit.

You’ll find your referral code in the ‘Free rides’ section of the app.

On the topic of driving, if you’re a new driver aged 17-25…did you know you can make money from driving to the places you’re already going to? Check out my blog post about an app that rewards you just for driving around.

Uber discount code

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